Allowed parameters :

Parameter name Description Example
bg background color bg=0000FF
fg text color bg=blue
fta label font size fta=14px
fga label font color fga=F4F
vpc "Great" votes color vpc=66FF66
pc "Good" votes color pc=66CC66
ntc "Okay" votes color ntc=666666
nc "Bad" votes color nc=CC6666
vnc "Awful" votes color vnc=FF6666
dkc "Don't know" votes color dkc=6666FF
NOTE: the topic is not displayed in the widget so you can add it the way you want.
NOTE 2 : The pie auto-resize to the IFRAME, but not the font size.

Example :

A small one :

Set "label font size" to 0 to not display labels
<IFRAME SRC="/widget/distribpie/6months/movies/quentin_tarantino/django_unchained?bg=444&fta=0" WIDTH="48" HEIGHT="48"

A big one :

With a white background and yellow labels:
<IFRAME SRC="/widget/distribpie/6months/movies/quentin_tarantino/django_unchained?bg=fff&fta=16px&fga=yellow" WIDTH="320" HEIGHT="320" FRAMEBORDER="0"></IFRAME>