Real-time charts, maps and listings

You will be able to follow ratings evolution over the time with many metrics :

  • The rating score,
  • The votes distribution,
  • The number of votes,
  • The geographical vote distribution,
  • The geographical vote count,

Many scales are available :

  • Real-time : one update per minute during 3 hours,
  • Hourly : one update per hour during 1 week,
  • Daily : one update per day during 6 months,
  • Weekly : one update per week during 3 years.

Publish on your website

Our dynamic charts are not only content that catches the eyes, but also are a fantastic way to add interactivity to your website.
We provide HTML code you can freely insert wherever you want.

Smartphone optimized

You can use Rating Ace directly on your smartphone, everything has been optimized to fit any smartphones or pads.
In addition, for these devices, you will be able to share all your topics on WhatsApp

It's free, It's cool, It's fun ! is 100% free
It's cool : No need to resgister. You can create a new poll with one click or one URL.
Rate, follow ratings over the time, share charts, ask your friends to participate : let's have fun !