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Topic to rate :
Examples :
  • Samsun Galaxy Note 7
  • Cambridge university
  • President Barack Obama
  • Pink Floyd
  • Movies/quentin_tarantino/Django
  • @ladygaga
  • hashtag_wearecharlie
  • Apple Inc.
  • Hotels/France/Paris/Ritz
  • ratingace.com

  • Notes :
    • It is 100% free
    • Do not enter a question, only the topic that needs to be rated
    • Do not forget to vote and share your topic !

    You can also create "on-the-fly" :
    You don't have to go to ratingace.com to create a topic. You just have to share with your friends an URL containing the topic to evaluate. The poll will be created dynamically the first time someone access it. For example, if you want to gather ratings for the first lady's dress, just write this URL in your posts, tweets or emails :
    As you see, you just have to replace spaces by underscores
    Check our URL syntax for more informations.

    You can add widgets on your website :
    You can display dynamic information directly onto your website (Score, Gauges, Pies ... ), just cut & paste HTML code you will find here.